Recovist™ Back Brace

Step 1. Put the product on your shoulders. Move the shoulder brace in front of your shoulder upward a little so that the back waist structure will be lower.

Step 2. Pull the straps around your waist and attach them for a snug fit.

Step 3. Pull the adjustable shoulder strap towards the front of your body. Find a snug and comfortable tightness. Attach the strap handles to the waist strap.

Step 4. Pull the adjustable reinforcing strap across your abdomen until your back feels a snug fit.

We recommend starting with 30 minutes a day. Then, gradually increase usage by 20 minutes each day, up to a maximum of 2 hours. For best results, stick with this routine for 2-3 weeks. You'll notice a big improvement in your back health, and your posture will feel stronger and more comfortable.

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