Recovist™ Bunion Brace

Step 1. Distinguish the left and right sides.

Step 2. Open the Bunion Brace and place your foot on it. Position the central strap around the arch of your foot. Find the metal splint and align it with your big toe.

Step 3. Wrap and fasten the top strap around your big toe. You can adjust the intensity of correction as needed.

Step 4. Wrap and fasten the central strap around your midfoot.

Step 5. Adjust the non-slip strap so that the Bunion Brace feels comfortable and secure.

Tips for using:

1. We recommend starting with 20 minutes per day and gradually building up to 1-3 hour sessions. Once comfortable, you can begin wearing it each night while sleeping.

2. For the best results, stick with this routine for a minimum of 4 weeks. Ideally 8-12 weeks to see improvements and relief.

3. If you feel a little pain in your bunion in the first few days, that’s normal, don’t worry. It may take 1-2 sessions to get used to it, but you’ll feel much better after. You can also adjust the curvature of the metal splint to fit your bunion shape until it is more comfortable.

4. If your bony bump is too sensitive, try putting some fabric padding around it.

5. It's best suited for stationary activities like relaxing on the couch, watching TV, reading, or sleeping. You can also wear it around the home with flip-flops.

6. During the correction period, try to avoid wearing tight or high-heeled shoes.

​If you have any questions, check out our FAQs, or reach out to our Customer Success Team via our contact page and we'll be happy to help.